Project Description

No licence or previous experience required?

Even wanted to take the control yourselves and enjoy the quietness and the peace of the Aegean far away from the lively beach activities.. (INFORMATION  +30-6980164455)

“Sea Escape” – Vlicha!

PRenting a  is a fantastic experience, especially in a beautiful place like

Lindos in Rhodes island.

Lindos its hidden coves, wonderful coastline from Vlicha Aqua Sports is a great way to see the island in a different way. Our boats are disigned for families and groups of all ages, and sightseeing whatever takes your fancy really, because you’ll be captain.

The most important thing to us at Vlicha Aqua Sport is your safety. All your safety equipment is provided in the cost of your hire and you will have contact with our base whenever you need it.

We offering instructions o  the safe use of the boat and some tips, and then you are ready to cruise.