Project Description

Banana is very easy and can host up to ten persons.

Banana Ride: For those who have already been on a banana boat, you know how extreme and fun can be.

On the other hand you can easily have a relaxed tour in the beautiful waters and colourful bay of Vlicha-Lindos.

Also ideal for families or companies that want to have lots of fun. It gives the impression that you are on a horse as a rodeo and tries to master it.

Enjoy it!

Banana Safari: Explore unique places and caves while enjoying the ride. Live the experience to ride and swim under the Ancient Acropoli of Lindos!  Discover with us romantic bays, famous places and ancient sights, all can be seen by sea only.

The journey starts from Vlicha Aqua Sports center, to Lindos main beach. Swim in the clear blue waters and identify as many fish as you can. See remains of an ancient castle of Acropoli of Lindos.

linods-rhodes-banana-safari (10)-min